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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Updates and Reports: 2/1

Montreal looking to move Theodore
With Theodore's pathetic performance last night against the Carolina Hurricanes, its looking like GM and coach Bob Gainey has seen enough. Sources are reporting that they are looking for a top notch forward and a back-up goaltender. Cristobal Huet has been very reliable when called upon, and will be given a first-choice opportunity if a deal is swung. Hopes are that next season or the season after Carey Price will be able to step up to the first team as well.


On: Ottawa Not Done Looking for Additional Centreman
The Ottawa Senators are very interested in Olli Jokinen. The two teams are engaged in trade talks, no words on what could be headed the other way. But the Ottawa Senators are getting closer. *UPDATE: Florida and Jokinen are very far apart in contract negotiations and the Panthers may be willing to let Jokinen go for a lower price, or have the consequence of losing him for nothing when he becomes available on the free agent market.

On: Ric Jackman to be Moved Soon
Penguins are shopping him around currently, gaging some interest, and expect either depth or picks to be involved. Hopefully will update this situation with some teams mentioned later on today.

On:The Leafs Situation
Ed Belfour's step up in play as of late has saved him from trade possibility, at least for now. Impressive performances in both the Florida and Tampa Bay game, and was key in collecting 3 out of the 4 points during Toronto's trip down South. It looks like the Jason Allison rumour was invalid. (Involved Allison being sent to the Marlies to open up cap room).


Canada's Defense Situation Headed into Turino
With Ed Jovanovski requiring surgery that will force him to miss the 2006 Winter Olympics, and the possibility of Scott Neidermayer requiring knee surgery, questions are popping up concerning who will take the available positions. One is easy. Bryan McCabe, now that he is fully recovered and playing again after a 9 game abscence because of groin troubles, will take the place of Ed Jovanovski, barring the possibility of McCabe re-aggrivating his groin. The more difficult decisions come next. Who takes McCabe's position on the "taxi squad," and, if Neidermayer decides he needs the recuperation of surgery to help his NHL team the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (or just the "Ducks" come next season- when are the people of Anaheim going to stop changing their teams' names?) in the long run, who will take that spot and the spot then left in the taxi squad? I don't blame you for being lost in this debacle, but I think I can answer at least a few of these questions. Number 1: Who takes the position on the taxi squad? This may surprise a few people, but after talking to a few sources, and by my impression on the coaching staff for Team Canada, it will be Tampa Bay defenseman Dan Boyle to take the squad position. Its the mobility, as Quinn noted in an interview attended earlier, his offensive prowess, and his ability to cover defensively. Number 2: If Neidermayer has to miss the Olympics, who takes the spot on the team and the spot left in the taxi squad? First one is now automatic. Dan Boyle steps up to a position on the team. However, the second part of this question is interesting. It's in the opinion of many coaches, players, scouts, agents around the league that this spot goes to Dion Phaneuf, Calgary's rookie wonder on defense. And I can assure you that he will get this position, if he doesn't get the position where I have put Boyle. your best source for NHL trade rumours.


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