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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ask the Expert: Ep. 1 with John Buccigross

We asked ESPN's John Buccigross a number of trade deadline opinion questions....

Next episode we will have Adam Proteau of The Hockey News answering the same series of questions.

Q: Who was the biggest winner of the 06 trade deadline?
A: Carolina Hurricanes. I think they are going to the Stanley Cup Final.

Q:What was the single biggest trade?
A:The Wild getting a #1 for Roloson

Q: Was there a team that came from being a contender to a non-contender with their moves?
A: No

Q:Which teams quietly improved their roster?
A: Canucks

Q:Was the Jose Theodore deal the Patrick Roy sequel?
A:Not quite, but a good trade for Colorado. He will play Very well there.

Q: Who was the biggest seller?
A:The Islanders

Q: Which team best met their individual needs?
A: Vancouver

Q: Was Mike Keenan one of the biggest winners by retaining his assets?
A: I wouldn't say that. Anybody can offer Olli Jokinen 5 million a year. You just say, "You want 5 million a year?" We'll see how he builds his roster. I contend he has no plan.

Q:If you were Daryl Sutter, would you have stood pat?
A: No. I would have traded for offense. They are a Stanley Cup favorite, but they really miss Craig Conroy.

Q: Any other thoughts?
A: I miss Darren Pang. your best source for NHL trade rumours.


Anonymous jeff said...

Cool feature.

Ahaha "You just say: you want 5million dollars?"

March 11, 2006  
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