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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ask the Expert: Ep. 2 with Adam Proteau

We asked Adam Proteau of The Hockey News a series of opinion questions on the 2006 trade deadline...

Q: Who was the biggest winner of the 06 trade deadline?
A: Edmonton. Filled their two biggest needs with proven

Q: What was the single biggest trade?
A: Jose Theodore for David Aebischer. Pierre Lacroix has
officially jumped the shark.

Q: Are there any teams that have come from being
non-contender to a contender with their moves?
A: Nobody was going to take the Oilers seriously so long
as their goaltending resembled a Wes Craven horror
movie. They will now.

Q: Which teams quietly improved their roster?
A: Vancouver didn't pick up any stars, but they did acquire
three veteran blueliners, without sacrificing anything off the
NHL roster. And New Jersey added depth and grit at a low

Q: Is the Jose Theodore trade the Patrick Roy sequel?
A: Hardly. Though the media spotlight won't be nearly as
bad in Denver, Theodore will still play in the shadow of Roy.
As Theodore's salary goes up in each of the next two
seasons, so too will the pressure on him.

Q: Which team was the biggest seller?
A: The Islanders. Dumping Mark Parrish, Oleg Kvasha and
Brent Sopel means Mike Milbury is waving the white flag on
the season, but at least the guy who replaces Milbury as
GM will have cap room to work with next year.

Q: Who did the best to address their team's individual
A: Edmonton. They needed a veteran goalie and a scoring
winger. They got both.

Q: Was Mike Keenan one of the biggest winners by
keeping his assets?
A: Not necessarily. Jokinen and Luongo (if he re-signs, and
I still think that's a giant 'if') have been part of the team for
years, with less-than-satisfactory team results. Keenan's
other moves will matter just as much, if not more, to the
Panthers' fortunes.

Q: If you were Daryl Sutter, would you have stood pat?
A: What, you don't think Jamie Lundmark is the final piece
of the puzzle? Seriously, Sutter has a great group as it is.
Sure, they needed a Tyler Arnason type worse than Ottawa
did as their second line center, just not the Arnason attitude
that almost drove Sutter's brother Brian to commit an
indictable offense in Chicago. But they'll be fine.

Q: Any other thoughts about the 2006 trade deadline?
A: Jay Feaster needed a goaltender, and John Ferguson
needed to trade his goaltender. The Leafs weren't going to
make the playoffs anyway, but the Lightning might not now,
either. Bad non-moves for both teams. your best source for NHL trade rumours.


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